If you would like to contribute to sphinxcontrib.spelling directly, these instructions should help you get started. Patches, bug reports, and feature requests are all welcome through the GitHub site. Contributions in the form of patches or pull requests are easier to integrate and will receive priority attention.

Running tests

To run the tests, you need tox installed, then just run tox. This should run the unit tests, the source code linter, and try to build the current documentation.

Coding style

Python imports are formatted and sorted using isort. To format all files, run:

$ tox -e style

Building Documentation

The documentation for sphinxcontrib.spelling is written in reStructuredText and converted to HTML using Sphinx. The build is driven by tox. To build only the documentation, run tox -e docs.


Please submit changes as pull requests using the GitHub repository.

In the pull request description, link to any issues closed by the changes using Fixes #NUM, replacing NUM with the issue number.

Release Notes

Please add a release note for each pull request to docs/history.rst.